Odyssey Bluebird 1/2 X 1/8 Chain Black

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Odyssey Bluebird 1/2 X 1/8 Chain Black

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: In-store
  • Brand: Odyssey
  • Category: Bike Chains
  • Colour: Silver
  • ID: 104140264
  • Discipline: BMX
  • Speed: Single Speed


The Bluebird chain is Odyssey’s first jump into chains. This chain is an Industrial Strength, 112 link, 1/2 x 1/8” chain w/ Odyssey logos stamped on the links. Bluebirds come with a half link and a master link included for customization The Bluebird Chain uses a standard KMC 510-HX link and plate configuration and includes a KMC Pintle half-link that’s pre-installed at the factory. The idea of the pre-installed half link is simple. If you need the half link, then shorten the chain at the other end. If you don’t, then shorten at the half link end. The Bluebird is available in black, gold and silver.

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